About Us

lftr.org (also known as "LIFT-HER") a nonprofit collective that supports various types of sustainable social projects throughout Africa. Our mission is to address the concerns raised by African youth, and by doing so, empower them to lift the burden of poverty from their communities.

We specialize in organizing social media marketing campaigns that have been carefully designed to give young Africans a stronger voice on today’s rapidly growing social media platforms. As a result, we are constantly in search of new, captivating stories about unique day-to-day life experiences.

During each campaign, we offer our social media followers access to exclusive items (e.g. merchandise, memorabilia, event tickets) through our online store. All of the proceeds, and any matching contributions made by corporate sponsors, are donated directly to social projects benefitting the youth who are being featured in our campaign. This very simple operating model provides an easy way for all global citizens to get involved.