Cercle des Mamans

In December 2015, a group of women embarked on a journey through the Guinean countryside to visit LA MAISON DES ENFANTS (THE HOUSE OF CHILDREN), a little-known orphanage located in the isolated town of Sobane. This underserved facility, purported to provide care for over 400 kids, had recently become their new source of inspiration. Shortly after setting off on the trip, the women began to question what kind of peril they had gotten themselves into because they felt unsafe traveling through certain villages where hostile attitudes were fueled by rampant fears of EBOLA and a general distrust of global health organizations. Armed with hope and determination however, the women remained unswayed.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, the women were pleased to find all of the kids in great spirits. They were also happy to learn that not long ago, the orphanage had managed to build a small health center next to its dormitory. So before leaving, each member of the group promised to return in a few months with a shipment of urgently needed medical supplies and equipment. LFTR was not only inspired by this remarkable story, but we also decided to help these women (later nicknamed CERCLE DES MAMANS or CIRCLE OF MOTHERS) scale their charitable initiative.