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Among the many lessons learned from Guinea's 2014 ebola outbreak, the global community eventually realized that it must be much more preemptive in the fight against the spread of the world's most infectious diseases. 

LFTR has decided to respond to this call-to-action by launching a new blogging campaign that will help keep Guinea's fragile healthcare system at the forefront of global healthcare discussions, especially those topics concerning many of the country's most vulnerable citizens, its youth.

We also intend to promote our latest recovery and redistribution effort, where we will be working with American hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers to: (1) Send an experienced team of needs assessors to local pediatric centers and other healthcare facilities in Guinea, (2) Collect and ship donated medical supplies and equipment to these facilities, (3) Work with qualified technicians to install the equipment and train local workers on their usage (on-going technical assistance will also be provided).

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